Line of Sight Verification:

Verification of microwave hopes positions and altitudes and confirmation of line-of-sight using GPS, Compass, Binocular, and taking photographs, estimate required tower heights, path and propagation notes. Providing an LOS report according to customer’s need including: site data, coordinates, height, address, proposed tower/mast height, LOS confirmation, azimuth and elevation, path description, photographs,…etc.

Site survey:

Performing site surveys for candidate sites and provide a site survey report including site data, coordinates, height, address, proposed equipment and mast location, antenna azimuth, tilt & elevation and other data as required by customers.

Requirement Definition:

Our deep understanding of telecom equipment and requirement, we provide full study with designs for new telecom, switching and electrical equipment installation and commissioning for new and existing sites as well as upgrade and downgrade requirements.

Civil Engineering

Civil Design::

Design structural civil work (Steel, Towers, Platforms, Mounts,..) for rooftop and green field telecom sites, according to client’s needs and applicable codes. Interprets customer specifications/design and complete structural analysis to meet those specs. Prepare structural and steel fabrication AutoCAD drawings and BOMs. Perform site surveys and measurements when required.

Civil Inspection:

Inspect civil implementation and provide compliance / deficiency report and suggest corrective actions.

Load Verification: Verify existing structures and loads and report deficiencies and provide appropriate solutions.

Reinforcement Tower, Rooftop: Provide a reinforcement studies for tower and rooftop sites.

Civil Work Orders::

Preparing formal consent with detailed instructions, work specifications, time frame and cost estimates to be used a blanket authorization for contractors and internal suppliers to perform civil work for telecom sites.

Electrical Design

Power Design:

Providing main AC control panels according to ESA requirements and DC power base designs. Calculating PUE (Calculation and study Power saving study and reporting)

Power Upgrade Work Orders :

Rectifier upgrade
Battery upgrade


HVAC Design::

We provide Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning designs for telecom sites as well as enhancing the efficiency for the existing site HVAC systems by using smart controllers that takes over the control of the economizer from the traditional thermostat and used it to save operational cost.

Free Cooling Design:

We provide smart free cooling solutions to manage site temperature by using the naturally cool air. This can save up to 90 % of the energy used to control the temperature of the telecom sites, thus reducing operating expenses drastically compared to the use traditional air conditioners.

Telecom Engineering

Equipment Engineering Design:

Preparing power, space and cooling designs and technical specifications for new and existing telecom sites. Making technical evaluations of installed equipment to ensure compliance with the technical specifications. Providing material test reports required for qualification of material used in site installation. Developing procedures for testing and inspecting of received equipment.

Transmission Design:

MW link budget calculations, and frequency planning, Fiber and Copper transmission design.

Develop MOP:

Providing detailed procedures and work instructions to perform end-to-end telecom functions starting from pre-engineering through implementation to network operations and maintenance.
Telecom & MW Work Orders: Preparing formal consent with detailed instructions, work specifications, time frame and cost estimates to be used a blanket authorization for contractors and internal suppliers to perform TI and microwave installations.

Provisioning & Testing Work Orders:

Preparing written procedures with detailed instructions and work specifications for provisioning and testing of telecom components.

Other Services